University Professor Condemned For Previous Comments Saying Cops ‘Need To Be Killed’UC Davis is condemning a professor’s inflammatory statements where he said cops “need to be killed.”
Kill It And Grill It? Roadkill Could Become Legal To EatState Senator Bob Archuleta introduced a so-called "you kill it, you grill it" bill at the Capitol this week.
UC Davis Testing Emergency Alert System After It Failed The Night Natalie Corona Was ShotUC Davis officials are assessing the problem with their emergency alert system and testing it after it failed to deliver to the entire community the night officer Corona was shot.
Emergency Alert Fail: UC Davis 'Warn Me' Alerts Reached Only A Third Of The Community After Officer Was ShotFewer than one-third of the campus community received an urgent electronic warning to shelter in place when Officer Natalie Corona was shot. 
A Day Of Accomplishments: UC Davis Student Ditches Wheelchair To Walk At GraduationMichael O’Hearn, at age 62, will not only be receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree, but he will also be doing something he hasn’t done in years... walk.
After Backlash, UC Davis Cancels Classes For 2nd Day Over Smoky AirAfter facing backlash over reopening despite poor air quality lingering, UC Davis announced its campuses will be closed on Wednesday.
UC Davis Warned By FBI They Were Potentially Targeted By Alleged Pipe BomberThe alleged pipe bomber researched UC Davis campus.
Grass Fire Along Highway 113 Burns 5 Vehicles Parked At UC DavisSeveral cars were damaged on the outskirts of the UC Davis campus in a fire on Tuesday.