Police: California Man Posed As An Uber Or Lyft Driver To Lure Women Into His CarA California man accused of posing as a rideshare driver faces charges including burglary, false imprisonment and attempted sexual battery.
Uber Tests Feature That Lets Some California Drivers Set Their Own RatesThe new feature will enable drivers at the Santa Barbara, Sacramento and Palm Springs airports to set a fair based on a multiple of Uber's base, time and distance rates for UberX and UberXL trips.
BBB: Ride-hailing Customers Getting Doused With 'Vomit Fraud'It's a growing trend where a driver falsely claims an incident requiring cleanup and imposes fees.
Rideshare Drivers' Payments Being Delayed Because Of Third-Party CompanyIt's a fare freeze. Some Sacramento-area Uber and Lyft drivers are saying they're not getting paid.
Uber, Postmates Sue To Challenge California's New Labor LawRide-share company Uber and on-demand meal delivery service Postmates sued Monday to block a broad new California law aimed at giving wage and benefit protections to people who work as independent contractors.
California Senate Passes Gig Economy Bill That Could Transform Uber And LyftThe California state senate passed legislation late Tuesday that could transition tens of thousands of ride-share drivers from independent contractors into full-time employees.
JUMP Bikes Doubling Their Fleet In SacramentoGet ready to see a lot more red in Sacramento as JUMP bikes get ready to double their fleet.
California Assembly Votes To Tighten Rules On ContractorsCalifornia residents working for companies like Lyft and Uber would get the rights of employees entitled to a minimum wage and workers compensation under a law the state Assembly passed on Wednesday.
Uber's Self-Driving Car Unit Grabs $1 Billion In InvestmentUber's self-driving car unit has lured $1 billion in investment ahead of the company's hotly anticipated stock market debut.
Be Uber Cautious: Tips To Stay Safe While Using Ridesharing AppsThe San Mateo Police Department shared tips Monday to help ridesharing app users stay safe when they're requesting a ride. 
Sacramento Plans Crackdown On JUMP Bike And Scooter ParkingAs Sacramento approaches its first anniversary as JUMP's most successful market, city leaders are taking steps to avoid bike and scooter sharing problems plaguing other cities.