Woman Bitten In Face By Octopus While Posing For PhotoWhat started out as a fun picture ended with an octopus biting a woman's face with poisonous venom.
Police: Man Shot Multiple Times While Trying To Purchase Gun From Facebook ContactA Louisiana man was shot multiple times Tuesday night during an attempt to purchase a gun from someone he met on Facebook, authorities said.
'Very Inappropriate': Neighbors Upset Over Strip Club's Help Wanted SignThe battle over a controversial strip club sign along a busy street is heating up in a Nebraska neighborhood.
Toddler Suffers Second-Degree Burns While Visiting Public Swimming PoolAn Ohio mother says her toddler suffered second degree burns on the bottom of her feet Sunday after visiting a brand new public swimming pool.
Apple Upgrade Blamed For Thousands Of Wasteful 911 Hang-Ups911 dispatchers in Nebraska say an Apple upgrade is to blame for a rise in the number of unintentional calls.
Study: People Who Only Drink Bottled Water Ingest 90,000 Microplastic Particles Per YearStudies show humans consume tens of thousands of tiny, little pieces of plastic each year known as microplastics. But if you're drinking water primarily from plastic water bottles, that number increases significantly.
'Happy Birthday Loser' Birthday Cake For Toddler Goes ViralA miscommunication at a Missouri Walmart that left a little girl with a cake that read "Happy Birthday, Loser" has gone viral on social media.
Nut Tree Giraffe Returns To Plaza Standing Tall With Fresh Coat Of Paint & New NameThe plastic giraffe has been on the mend for months after taking a direct hit from an out-of-control driver. 
Hero On The Line: Dispatcher Recognized For Helping Save InfantFlynn and Africa were both presented with "Heart Saver Hero" awards, but Flynn said it's Africa who deserves the high praise for saving his little girl when every second counted. 
You Can Now Adopt Abandoned Dogs From ChernobylDecades after the Chernobyl nuclear explosion in Ukraine, hundreds of abandoned dogs still roam the disaster zone.  Some are now being adopted and brought to the United States. 
Thousands Show Up Burial Of Vietnam Veteran With No FamilyOnly a handful of people were expected for the funeral of a Vietnam veteran who had no living family members. Instead, some 3,000 people showed up.
Man Fed Up With Aggressive Panhandlers Fights BackA Florida man says he's had enough of aggressive panhandlers and is fighting back after a homeless man refused a job he offered.
Optometrist Finds Deer Tick Embedded In Man’s EyeballA Kentucky man is recovering after finding a tick in an unusual place — his eyeball.
Local Rocket Man Recalls Working On Apollo Stage 3 Rocket In SacramentoBefore Neil Armstrong could walk on the moon, the rocket that got him there had to be test-fired right here in Sacramento County. 
‘Amazing Love Story’: Couple Married For 71 Years Dies On The Same DayA Georgia couple married for 71 years both died on the same day, within just 12 hours of each other.