Show Information - March 5, 2012On Good Day today, we show you some celebrity beauty must-haves! And, Melissa makes a Coupon House Call. Plus, we go in search of Lady Gaga in Sonoma. And, much more.
Show Information - Feb. 23, 2012On Good Day today, we go behind the scenes at the Red Vines factory. Plus, Mark S. Allen goes from Point A to B. And, the Car Czar talks about germs!
Show Information - Feb. 22, 2012On Good Day today, it’s Watch Your Dog Wednesday! And, tips on helping teens navigate the dating mine field. Plus, the Daily List, Manly Minute and Dishin’ With Tina.
Show Information - Feb. 21, 2012On Good Day today, Ken brings us the story of another Sensational Senior. And, Amy goes to Gelato University. Plus, the Z.O.O.M. Zydeco Band performs for Mardi Gras on the Good Day stage.
Show Information - Feb. 16, 2012On Good Day today, it's a star-filled extravaganza with actor Nicolas Cage, Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan, and crooner Michael Buble (well sort of!).
Show Information - Feb. 14, 2012On Good Day today, love and romance take center stage for Valentine’s Day!
Show Information - Feb. 13, 2012On Good Day today, we check out the latest in toys, Kings Kribs and truffles!
Show Information - Feb. 9, 2012On Good Day today, Mark S. Allen goes from Point A to Point B. And, we have tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget. Also, The Car Czar joins us live from the Chicago Auto Show. Plus, a performance from Circa, a circus from Down Under!
Show Information - Feb. 7, 2012On Good Day today, does the state have some of your money? We’ll show you haw to find out. And, we take a tour of Zynga, the people behind Farmville. Also, we’ll talk to a woman who lost 101 pounds and find out how she did it. Plus, Ken shows men how to shop for women’s perfume in today’s Manly Minute.
Show Information - Feb. 6, 2012On Good Day today, what is your closet personality? We check out the closets of the Good Day cast to find out theirs. And, it’s Wake Up Monday. Get up and give us 20! Also, Amy checks out a pizza parlor on wheels! Plus, we go inside the home of one of the Sacramento Kings!
Show Information - Feb. 2, 2012On Good Day today, we talk with actor Daniel Radcliffe in his first big post-Harry Potter role. And, the Car Czar talks about new smartphone apps that claim they can reveal speed traps, dui checkpoints and red light cameras. Also, Courtney takes on another tour of one our area’s high end homes. Plus, we play a dating game with millionaires!