PG&E Is Responsible For The Camp Fire — How Will This Affect Ratepayers?Generally speaking, if a utility is found to be negligent, they can't pass that debt on to ratepayers.
Major California Utilities Spent $1.3 Million On Lobbying So Far In 2019California's three major utilities spent at least $1.3 million to lobby state government in the first three months of 2019, during which one filed for bankruptcy and Gov. Gavin Newsom called for rethinking the state's energy future.
Gov. Newsom Lays Out Plan To Deal With Wildfire CostsThe future of wildfires in California was a big topic Friday as Governor Gavin Newsom laid out a plan to deal with fires.
The Next Big Wildfire Could Mean Skyrocketing Rates For PG&E CustomersThe next big wildfire could mean more than major destruction to the communities in its path. Its costs could be felt by homeowners hundreds of miles away. 
Lawmakers Could Decide PG&E Rate Increases, Not Public Utilities CommissionPG&E will not be allowed to raise customer rates before getting permission from the Legislature if a new bill gets signed into law.
Thousands Still Without Power In El Dorado County Ahead Of Next StormsThousands of people still without power more than a week since the last round of storms hit.
11,000 PG&E Customers Without Power In Foothills, Sierra After StormsThousands of people are still in the dark Wednesday after losing power because of the recent storms. 
Roughly 1,000 Lawsuits Filed Demanding PG&E Pay For Wildfire DamagesButte County cites PG&E for the same Nov. 8 fire that destroyed parks, schools and myriad other public property and amenities.
PG&E, Utility Companies, May Need To Move Or Bury Transmission Lines And EquipmentPG&E and other electric utility companies operating in California may need to move their transmission lines and equipment out of fire zones or put the lines underground if a new state bill becomes law.
PG&E Headed Back To Court Wednesday Over WildfiresPacific Gas & Electric Co. will be back in a U.S. courtroom a day after declaring bankruptcy, as it tries to convince a judge not to order dramatic steps to try to prevent its equipment from causing more wildfires.
PG&E Will File For Bankruptcy And Get $5.5 Billion In Loans To OperateThe California Public Utilities Commission approved the loans in an emergency meeting, one senator calling it the "easy way out."