Paradise In Danger Of Losing Clean-Up Reimbursement Funds From FEMAParadise could lose its funding for its FEMA-funded clean-up reimbursement after town leaders allowed residents to move back into areas where debris had not been removed.
New Disaster Recovery Center Open In Paradise To Help SurvivorsTime is running out for fire victims to apply for federal help as they rebuild from the deadly Camp Fire.
Stores Reopen In Paradise, Bringing Hope, Normalcy To Residents And Crews Now that mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted, residents are returning to Paradise along with cleanup crews and other utility companies.
Paradise Family Finds 100-Year-Old Heirloom In The Rubble Where Their House Once StoodA Paradise woman is rejoicing tonight after she went back to search through the debris for a precious family heirloom and found it.
PG&E Restores Power To Customers Able To Receive It In ParadisePacific Gas & Electric says it has restored power interrupted by a wildfire six weeks ago to all customers able to receive it.
Wildfire Cleanup Worker Rob Freestone, 2, Others Fired Over Photos From Camp Fire Burn ZonePolice in Northern California say they'll pursue criminal charges against a wildfire cleanup worker who posted photos of himself posing at destroyed properties.
First Responders Reflect On Devastation From The Camp FireSomehow through the deadly fire, all first responders survived and helped the city of 27,000 evacuate or shelter in place, surrounded by blowing flames on gridlocked roads without any water. 
Paradise Dog Stood Stayed, Watched Over Ruins Of Home Weeks Until Owners ReturnedA dog that survived the Camp Fire went above and beyond to protect his family's property.