Sound Busting Fires? Invention Puts Out Flames With Sound WavesIt's from a simple device created by college students for a class project. Now it's getting the attention of the Nevada City mayor, who wants to use her entire town as a test location.  
Son Says Skull Fragment Of Mother Joanne Dolly Burmer Found In Nevada CountyThe missing woman's son says the discovery brings his family closure. 
GoatFundMe: Nevada City Wants To Prevent Wildfires With the Help Of GoatsIt’s a first for Nevada City: a Goat Fund Me page.
Developer To Rejuvenate Historic Nevada City HotelFife shared the history of the building, noting that U.S. presidents and literary giants including Mark Twain and Jack London have stayed within the walls.
Haute Trash FashionMarianne showcases some “trashy” outfits that were created for a good cause! A fundraiser this weekend features styles from a Nevada City Boutique that finds its fashion focus in the trash can! We’ll find out why they do this and where the inspiration comes from.
Best Honeymoon Suites Near SacramentoFinding the right spot for a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon stay takes as much planning and thought as the wedding itself. Choose from a rich bouquet full of B&Bs and hotels that want to be among the first to wish you all the happiness in the world.
Best Pet-Friendly Getaways Near SacramentoWith a little research, it's pretty easy to find a place that will welcome you and yours with warmth, open arms, a doggie dish and some dog treats thrown into the deal.
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Getaway Guru: Weekend Guide to Nevada CityNevada City is nestled in the foothills above Sacramento where the gold rush of long ago still lingers. There's so much more to this exciting city than glittery rocks, however. It has long been known for its cultural appeal, lively arts community, live theater, wonderful old town, and in more recent times, as a bicycling paradise. Escape from Sacramento this weekend to discover what all of the fuss is about.