Manly Minute: 5 Reasons to Get Your Kids Into MusicDid you know Mozart started learning how to play the piano at the age of three? When it comes to giving your children the advantage, Musica Viva’s experts say it’s never too early for music.
Jim BrickmanOne of our favorite performers is back for more good Day fun! Pianist Jim Brickman performed live before his big show tonight at the Crest!
William Jessup ChoirThe popular event features music from the growing university’s performance groups, including the University Choir & Orchestra, Jessup Concert Choir, and the Crossroads performance small group.
Sea Monkeys Jazz EnsembleHelp send the Sea Monkeys to N’Awlins! Huh?! River City High’s ensemble jazz group (known as the Syncopating Sea Monkeys) is trying to get to the birthplace of jazz music — New Orleans! But they need help!!
Interview: Boyz II MenWe were live this morning with Nathan and Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men to talk about their new holiday special on Amazon Prime.
Stop Motion PoetryIf you’re looking for something to do tonight, how about checking out some local music! The local Modesto band Stop Motion Poetry is performing tonight for their EP release show. The new record is called “Lost on the Drive.”
Arrested DevelopmentIf you grew up in the 90’s, you listened to the music of Arrested Development. The group is still touring and in town for a special show tonight at Thunder Valley Casino.
Musical AuditionWe put our dancing skills to the test this morning before auditions for the next musical to take the stage at a local theater!
Disco RevolutionThis funky fresh band took the Good Day stage today before performing at the Crocker Art Museum tomorrow night.
Mom & Pop Barbershop
Hannah Jane Kile