Bill Introduced In Maine Would Protect Climate Change DoubtersMaine laws protect people from discrimination based on factors such as race, disabilities and sexual orientation, and a Republican lawmaker wants to add a person’s beliefs about climate change to that list.
Maine wholesaler acquires rare four-clawed lobsterA Portland seafood wholesaler has acquired a lobster that will never see the dinner table despite having double the usual amount of claw meat.
Man's Anti-ISIS Light Display Mistaken For Message Of SupportDeputies paid a visit to a southern Maine home after its owner's raunchy anti-terrorist Christmas light display was misconstrued as support for the Islamic State group.
14 Shipbuilding Workers In Maine Splitting $3 Million Lottery JackpotSome shipbuilding maintenance employees in Maine are splitting a $3 million lottery jackpot.
Split-Colored Lobster Caught Near Maine 1 In 50 Million FindA rare orange-brown split-colored lobster has turned up off the coast of Maine.
Police In Maine Track Man Through His Snapchat UpdatesA Maine man who'd been wanted by police for several weeks made a couple of critical mistakes that led to his capture — he sent out social media messages pinpointing his location.
'Hello Kitty' Busted On Drunken Driving ChargePolice say a Maine woman who was pulled over while wearing a Hello Kitty costume was arrested on a drunken driving charge.
Woman Finds 2-Headed Snapping TurtleA woman in Maine has come across a two-headed baby snapping turtle that was trying to cross the road.