Houseboats Removed From Lake Oroville Due To Low Water LevelsLake levels are dropping to new lows, just as the boating season is kicking off. 
Oroville Dam Repairs Surge To $1.1 BillionOfficials say the cost of dealing with last year's near-disaster at the nation's tallest dam in California have climbed to more than $1 billion.
Feds Order Water Release Changes After Trump Tweets On California WildfiresDespite firefighters saying there is no need for more water to fight California's wildfires, the Commerce Department is paving the way for more water pumping.
Spillway Repairs Have Lake Oroville Hovering Near 800 FeetThe Department of Water Resources recently released water from Lake Oroville so spillway repairs could continue.
Model Replica Helping Oroville Dam Spillway Reconstruction ProjectThe plans to rebuild the spillway are a week ahead of schedule according to a project spokesperson. Crews are continuing to blast away parts of the concrete chute.
Repairs Begin On Damaged Oroville Dam Spillway With Little Room For ErrorAfter the crumbled Oroville Dam spillway sent thousands fleeing from Oroville, now comes the rebuild.
Remaining Evacuations In Place For Oroville Dam Incident LiftedAll emergency evacuations put in place for the Oroville Dam spillway incident have been lifted.
Water To Start Flowing Down Damaged Oroville Dam Spillway Again TodayOroville Dam's damaged spillway is expected to be back in use today.
Officials Rush To Drain Lake Oroville Before New StormsOfficials scrambled Wednesday to drain more water from a lake behind battered Oroville Dam before new storms hit Northern California and test the quick repairs made after water cascaded down an unpaved spillway and prompted a massive evacuation.