Coronavirus Unemployment: $600 Checks On The Way - For SomeCalifornians who are already getting unemployment from the EDD are about to get a big bump in their bi-weekly checks. But for the millions who don’t qualify for state unemployment, it's still not clear how or when the EDD will get them the money they are entitled to.  
Coronavirus Unemployment Application Problems: Lessons Learned So FarSome of the first people who filed for unemployment during the pandemic are getting their claims approved — and denied.
Coronavirus Unemployment Concerns: EDD Printing Errors?As if applying for unemployment wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, CBS13 has learned of printing errors on some letters from the Employment Development Department (EDD) that are causing confusion, undue stress and potentially compromising peoples identities.
Coronavirus: Unemployment Help for the Self-EmployedWhile millions of Americans now qualify for unemployment benefits and disability, millions who are self-employed don’t. 
Coronavirus: Can Your Child Still Go to Preschool? If Not, Do You Still Have to Pay?Amid the stay-at-home order, there has been a lot of confusion and concern about preschools and childcare facilities that remain open.
Why Is There A Sudden Spike In Vaping-Related Illnesses?E-cigarettes have been around for a few years, so why is there a sudden spike in related illnesses? 
Some Daycares Continue To Use Recalled SleepersSome daycare centers nationwide are still using those sleepers blamed for dozens of infant deaths, despite a voluntary recall. 
Congressman Harder Questions Lack Of Groundwater Safety Oversight In RiponA local congressman is demanding answers tonight after seeing our reports that uncovered holes in city water records tied to a chemical known to cause cancer.
Bill That Would Give California Teachers Paid Family Leave Is One Step Closer To Becoming LawCalifornia teachers are one step closer to fully-paid disability leave after having a baby. 
State Audit: EDD Put Millions At Risk Of Identity TheftThe state auditor released a scathing report Thursday about the state's largest agency, confirming that the Employment Development Department is putting millions at risk of identity theft.