Apple Hires Police To Stand Guard At Stores Amid Rash of RobberiesYou might see new faces at Apple stores across the Sacramento region. Apple has contracted with several local police departments to bring police officers in as extra security. This follows a months-long rash of store thefts, by a criminal ring.
Apple Unveils A Number of New FeaturesIf you were looking to Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference for big game-changing leaps or new hardware, you might have walked away a little disappointed. Monday's keynote, it turns out, was about the little things.
iPhone Bug Frustrates Users Typing 'i'Some Apple users have discovered a bug that automatically corrects the lower-case letter "i" to "A" and a question mark symbol.
Thieves Wearing Hoodies Steal Hundreds Of iPhone Xs From Delivery Truck In San FranciscoA bold heist at a San Francisco mall. The target? The brand new iPhone X.
Kansas Man Finds His Cellphone After It Fell 9,000 Feet From Plane A Texas businessman used an app to find his iPhone in a rural pasture after it fell about 9,300 feet during a flight from Houston.
Topic: I Wish It Would Just Take Care Of ItselfWith smartphones becoming the remote control for everything in our digital lives, companies are beginning to expand the reach of the tech from software to hardware.
Coming Up On Wednesday's Show!On Wednesday morning we're live at Hacker Lab in Downtown Sacramento with two local inventors who turned their vision into a real product (and these creations are definitely anything but ordinary)! How does a drinking game that's controlled by your mind via sensors worn on your head sound? Or a cereal-and-milk dispenser operated by an iPhone app? We'll take a look.
Show Info - July 9, 2014California State Fair is opening this Friday and today we get an early preview! Amy will check out a few new exhibits , meet a chain saw artist, show us the fairs latest food craze and check out a vintage ride!
You Like Teen's Tune?Teen's Tune is a game I've been playing with the other anchors on Good Day for years! No, it's not "teen" music but it could be on certain days. Teen is one of my nicknames.
iPhone Apps For Baby!
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