Elementary School Cancels Halloween Events Citing Low School AttendanceThere will be no classroom cauldrons or costume parades at North Country Elementary this Halloween after the district called off all events, citing low attendance.
Police Giving Out Replacement Candy To Kids After Metal Objects Found In Halloween TreatsPolice officers are making sure tampered candy doesn’t ruin an Oakdale neighborhood’s memory of Halloween this year.
'What Are You Doing?' Trick Or Treating Porch Pirate Steals Package In Front Of KidsA Halloween porch pirate caught on camera! The Carmichael homeowner was shocked to see an adult stealing from his home with two children at her side.
Bloody Car Found That Prompted Dixon Investigation Was A PrankPolice say there's a fine line between a good Halloween scare and a false alarm, and that line was crossed on a Dixon parking lot.
Man Defends Halloween Decorations With Clinton, Pelosi, Brown, Newsom On GravestonesA resident in Newhall is pushing back against allegations his Halloween decorations depicting the headstones of politicians are offensive, but some say it’s a step too far.
5-Year-Old Boy Tests Positive For Meth After Trick Or TreatingTainted candy on Halloween night is the scariest part of the holiday for parents. Tainted fake teeth? Not so much a concern.
Group Starts Petition To Move The Date Of HalloweenA group has started a nationwide petition to change the date of Halloween.
7 Scary Movies To Stream For HalloweenWhat are the ingredients of a good scary movie? For some viewers, it's haunted houses with creaking doors and menacing apparitions. Others want something more grounded in reality, like a stealthy killer with a large knife. Still others prefer psychological horror. Or zombies.
Stockton Cemetery Cancels Halloween Festival & Tour Amid ComplaintsA local cemetery has decided to cancel a Halloween festival and tour following backlash from the community. 
Caught On Camera: Suspect Steals Halloween Decorations From Natomas HomeA man was caught on camera allegedly stealing Halloween decorations off of a Natomas front porch and the homeowner is hoping someone recognizes the suspect.
CDC Warns Against Dressing Up Chickens For HalloweenThe CDC has a strange request for chicken farmers and anyone who has chickens: don’t dress your chicken up for Halloween.