Carrie Bmac HairThere is a new salon opening in East Sacramento and the owner has clients all over California. She does a ton of photo shoots, and this morning, she is helping us get your hair ready for your holiday pics.
10 Inches of Hair for $1,000!It was time to redo the hairdo this morning for a woman with a big heart.
Hair for the AgesRock the “it” ‘do regardless of your age! We’re getting tips from the barber shop pros on how kids, teens, adults, and seniors can look on trend this Fall! Melissa was at Main Event Barbers as they debut their newest shop in Vacaville!
Halloween Hair WarsLocal salons and students at Hoss Lee Academy are going head to head to see who can make the best Halloween hair.
Back-To-School HairEvery Monday this month It’s My Hair Salon gets you ready for school. Today, the salon pampered a couple of students from a non-profit organization, The Unforseen, with makeovers!
Mommy Moment: Dads Learn To Do Hair
Mom & Pop BarbershopToots went to another local barber shop to check things out and have them perform a mom and pop commercial via a song.
Mobile Boutique: Bananas In Your Hair?Lather bananas in your hair? It's another edition of the Good Day Mobile Salon and Spa. Today Melissa tried a hydrating hair mask that promises to give you luxurious locks using stuff in your kitchen!
Manly Minute: 5 Old-School Hair ProductsIn today's Manly Minute, Ken shares some old-school hair products.
Show Information 2/6/16
Boy, 8, Donates 22 Inches Of Hair To CharityA local eight year old has decided he wants to donate his hair to Wigs for Kids!