Teach Your Kids to Cook FishWe try to teach our kids about the basics of cooking, but do we ever teach them how to cook fish? Salty Girl Seafood’s Norah Eddy showed us the basics.
Arby's To Sell Venison Sandwiches In 6 StatesDeer hunting season is on the way, but fans of venison might not have to trek out into the woods this year to get their fix.
Moe’s Southwest GrillWhat’s new? Moe’s Southwest Grill! It’s off Sunrise and Madison in Citrus Heights and Tina is going to check out the menu!
Dishin' with Tina: Lola's LoungeChef Todd Kingsbury and pastry chef Jane Tozier joined us in the studio to show their delicious dishes!
Dishin' with Tina: The Farm TableThis week, Tina is checking out a place called The Farm Table.
Buy It And Try It: Burger King WhopperitoMaloney went to Burger King this morning and ordered the new Whopperito. He brought it back to the station for the official taste test. Is it worth the hype?
Daily List: 3 Foods That Give You Seriously Bad Breath
Dishin' with Tina: Weiner WorksTina went to Weiner Works, and this morning talked with owner Patty Barba.
Fasano Pizza from Hot Italian (.PDF)
Manly Minute: 5 Ways to Get Your NutrientsAs you prepare, bite, chew, and digest, you create a series of mechanical and chemical changes that affect a food’s nutritional content...
Waffle Iron WednesdayMarianne shared a recipe for hot dogs on a stick that you can make in a waffle iron.
Hawks Provisions & Public HouseLocated in East Sacramento’s Alhambra corridor, Hawks Provisions + Public House is the casual offshoot of the critically acclaimed Hawks restaurant from husband-and-wife team Mike Fagnoni and Molly Hawks.
The Daily List: 3 Best Foods On A StickIt’ll be fair season soon – things start happening around California in April and May — and you may be tempted by the latest offering of something on a stick!
Pi DayWhat’s the best thing about today?! It’s 3.14 or PI DAY! Stores are hoping you’ll cash in some fabulous freebies today! Chief Coupon Correspondent Melissa Cabral is live in Sacramento revealing how to score a piece of the pie!