Gov. Gavin Newsom Says California’s COVID-19 Mask Mandate To End After June 15Gov. Gavin Newsom said California plans to stop requiring people to wear masks in almost all circumstances on June 15, describing a world he said will look "a lot like the world we entered into before the pandemic."
Experts Crediting Masks With Decline In New Coronavirus CasesThe number of Americans newly diagnosed with the coronavirus is falling - a development experts credit at least partly to increased wearing of masks - even as the outbreak continues to claim nearly 1,000 lives in the U.S. each day.
South Lake Tahoe Approves $100 Fine For Mask ViolationsSouth Lake Tahoe is telling people to wear a mask or get fined.
Sheriff's Department 'Extremely Disappointed' After Photo Shows Deputies Without Masks In South Sacramento StoreSeveral Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies were seen gathered in a South Sacramento market not wearing masks Tuesday.
'Safety Ambassadors' Encourage South Lake Tahoe To Mask UpThe hardest-hit region of El Dorado County is taking a new approach when it comes to mask mandates.
Homemade Masks By California Teen Make Life Easier For Hard-Of-HearingWhen Karma Quick-Panwala was pregnant with her second child, she didn't anticipate relying on the help of a 17-year-old stranger, living almost 400 miles away, during her delivery.
Should Refusing To Wear A Face Mask Be As Taboo As Drunk Driving?Refusing to wear a face mask during the Covid-19 pandemic should be as socially unacceptable as drunk-driving, or driving without using a seat belt, the president of the UK's Royal Society said Tuesday.
Face Mask Enforcement Falling On Army Of Retail And Restaurant AssociatesNow the responsibility of enforcing the policy is falling in the hands of young staffers at retail shops and servers at restaurants.Now the responsibility of enforcing the policy is falling in the hands of young staffers at retail shops and servers at restaurants.
Best Way To Reduce Coronavirus Transmission Is By Wearing A Face Mask, Study FindsThe new coronavirus spreads mainly via airborne transmission and wearing a mask is the most effective way to stop person-to-person spread, according to a new study.
Sacramento International Airport Installs PPE Vending MachinesNew PPE vending machines at Sacramento International Airport are making for safer travels.
'Masking' Emotions: Psychologist Gives Insight On Mask-Shaming Amid PandemicThese days when people head out of the house, they make sure they have their phone, wallet, keys, and now, their mask.