El Dorado County Library In Placerville Becomes Learning Hub For Kids Whose Schools Are ClosedAs the Caldor Fire rages on, schools aren't in session. But district leaders and community members want to make sure the learning never stops.
Sprinklers Left On At Lake Tahoe Homes Hampering Firefighting EffortsThere's been a big strain on the local water supply in Lake Tahoe because of sprinklers left running as a defense against the Caldor Fire, says a group.
'Animals Are Running For Their Lives': Wildlife Rescue Groups Rush Animals Away From Flamesas people piled into their cars, animals hit the road too.  The flames frightened wildlife. forcing animals from their homes. 
As Caldor Fire Nears, Some South Lake Tahoe Residents Buck Evacuation OrderWhile most of his neighbors fled South Lake Tahoe as a major wildfire charged closer to town, Tod Johnson stayed put.
Embers Flying Outside Of Caldor Fire Containment Line Sparking New FiresThe Caldor Fire is picking up steam, raging down Echo Summit and into the Tahoe Basin.
Monster Flare-Ups Happening In Caldor Mega FireThe Caldor Fire grew to more than 186,000 acres as it pushed east and north east towards South Lake Tahoe.
'No Sign That It’s Starting To Slow Down': South Lake Tahoe Residents Ordered To Leave As Caldor Fire AdvancesPeople were told to flee from a long section of the Lake Tahoe shoreline Monday as a huge forest fire threatened to push into the resort region straddling California and Nevada.
Firefighters Working To Protect Structures Along Highway 50 As Unpredictable Caldor Fire Spreads Farther EastFirefighters are continuing to protect homes along Highway 50 as the Caldor Fire intensifies and spreads farther east forcing new evacuation warnings in South Lake Tahoe.  
Smoke Slowing Caldor Fire As Flames Approach Town of StrawberryHeavy smoke is smoldering the Caldor Fire, and slowing the flames as they inch closer to the town of Strawberry along Highway 50.
‘You’re Awesome!’ Shingle Springs Elementary Students Thank Fire Crews With Heartfelt SignsIt’s a sign of the times: heartfelt messages for first responders and those on the front lines all across the fence at the El Dorado County fairgrounds, which is serving as a base camp for the Caldor Fire.
Firefighters Say Caldor Fire Next To Impossible To Get Under ControlCal Fire says trying to get a handle on the fire is next to impossible.
D’Agostini Ranch Opens Doors To Dozens Of Caldor Fire EvacueesJust miles from a Caldor Fire evacuation zone, the owners of D’Agostini Ranch opened their doors to those desperate for shelter. They were helping dozens of evacuees who were unsure what the future holds.
El Dorado County Vineyards Threatened By Caldor FireThe Caldor Fire is still blazing across El Dorado County as vineyards prepare to harvest hundreds of acres. Winemaker Brian Wilhelm cannot believe the blaze is still a threat.
Caldor Fire Threatens Wineries During Harvest SeasonThe area of Somerset was smoking with flames off Grizzly Flat Road as airdrops tried to halt the Caldor Fire from coming dangerously close to several wineries.
Crews Utilize Back Burning In Efforts To Contain Caldor FireThe Caldor Fire is moving fast through El Dorado County as firefighters continue trying to get ahead of it. Priority number one is protecting homes.