Wildfires, Coronavirus And An Earthquake Collided For California's Terrible WeekIt was a long, dizzying week to be a Californian. The Golden State has been trying to contain the surge of coronavirus cases that started in the summer while dozens of wildfires are burning and smoke is making it hard to breathe. Then, as if not enough crises had collided, Southern California was caught in the clutches of yet another hazard -- an earthquake.
Magnitude-6.5 Earthquake In Western Nevada Felt Across Northern CaliforniaA 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Nevada was felt across our region on Friday morning.
Magnitude 5.2 Quake Rattles California-Nevada State LineSeveral aftershocks followed in the area just east of Yosemite National Park. Did you or anyone you know feel it this morning?
3.0-Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Lake Tahoe AreaAn earthquake has just rattled a region just a few miles northwest of Lake Tahoe. 
Magnitude 4.8 Quake Shakes Part Of Central CaliforniaA magnitude-4.8 earthquake has struck a wilderness area of central California.
California 7.1 Earthquake Created Massive Crack In The Earth Visible In Satellite ImagesThe 7.1 magnitude earthquake that shook California on Friday also ripped open a fissure.
Quake Prompts Californians To Prepare For Next Big JoltShaken residents were cleaning up Sunday from two of the biggest earthquakes to rattle California in decades as scientists warn that both should serve as a wake-up call to be ready when the long-dreaded "Big One" strikes.
Earthquakes Put Ridgecrest Residents On Edge: 'Nobody In This Town Has Slept For Days'Ridgecrest is a town in a California desert where the 28,000 residents are used to earthquakes.
SoCal Quake Jolts Complacent Californians Toward PreparednessThe Southern California earthquake is jolting Bay Area residents to get prepared for the big one.
Your Homeowner's Or Renter's Insurance Won't Help Much After An Earthquake. Here's WhyThe largest earthquake to hit Southern California in two decades rattled the region on July 4th -- followed by more than 170 aftershocks.
5.4 Magnitude Aftershock Rattles Southern CaliforniaAftershocks kept rolling across Southern California on Friday morning, with one measuring 5.4 reported northeast of Ridgecrest, the US Geological Survey said.