Best Margaritas In SacramentoSacramento takes its margaritas quite seriously. Given the ethnic flavor of this town, Mexican heritage can truly shine through this legendary libation. From the "Museo de Tequila" (a literal museum of tequila), to various regional takes on the margarita, Sacramento found that lost shaker of salt, and ran with it.
California GoldLaMont Reed and Jacque Lacy are the crazy minds behind California Gold which is an all natural, hand crafted spirit made from brown sugar, molasses, malt extracts, and corn sugar.
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Best Family-Friendly New Year's Parties In SacramentoFrom bursts of color in the evening sky to music, dance, rock climbing and ice, the final days of 2012 offer a little bit of everything to Sacramento residents and visitors. While ushering in the new year is often an adult-centric experience, these options offer fun and entertainment for families, teens and tots.
Best Upscale Hotel Bars In SacramentoDo you have a group meeting, wedding or social event planned and want to do it with class? If so, connect with one of these upscale hotel bars.