Stretch Of Interstate 80 In Fairfield A Magnet For CrashesIt was a miraculous escape for one driver, whose car was engulfed in flames after a nasty crash this weekend—on Westbound I-80, east of Manuel Campos Parkway.
Kids Injured When Vehicle Hits Apartment In N. HighlandsA vehicle crashed into an apartment in North Highlands, injuring two children.
CHP Provides More Information About Suspect Vehicle In Hwy. 65 CrashLaw enforcement officers now have a clearer picture of the SUV that reportedly contributed to a violent crash on Highway 65 in Placer County and sent one person to the hospital.
Van Crashes Into Apartment Building In San FranciscoAn apartment building in San Francisco had to be evacuated Wednesday morning after it was hit by a van.
WATCH: Out-Of-Control Truck Crashes Just Inches From Store CustomersCustomers at a donut shop in Auburn, Washington had a close call today when a truck careened out of control and crashed into barriers just inches away from where they were standing.
U-Haul Driver Taken Into Custody After Ramming Car RepeatedlyNeighbors come to the rescue of man caught in a domestic dispute turned violent in North Highlands Saturday. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department confirms a suspect driving a U-Haul truck started repeatedly ramming a smaller car while a man was inside.
State Suspends License Of Fresno Store Where Girl Who Live Streamed Fatal Crash Got Beer
Report: California Leads The Nation In Fatal Hit-And-Run CrashesCalifornia is a leader in many ways, but there's one statistic it shouldn't be proud to lead: its annual number of fatal hit-and-run vehicle crashes.