Case Closed: Call Kurtis Volunteer Helps Viewer Resolve Registration Issue With The DMVWhen Melody Lambson bought a new car more than a year ago, she was issued temporary registration by her dealership and told to wait for the official DMV papers in the mail. After not receiving anything for months, she reached back out.
Have Credit Card Points? Make Sure They’re Not TaxableA local woman received a notification informing her that her credit card rewards were taxable.
The Show Must Go On, But Can You Get A Refund?When a Sacramento man struggled to get a refund for concert tickets after the headlining bands changed, he decided to call Kurtis.
Missing W-2s? Make Sure You’re Not The Victim Of Mail FraudWith tax season in session, many people are receiving important forms and documents in the mail. But what happens if a complete stranger is able to pick yours up from the Post Office? That’s what one Jackson woman says happened to her in December, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. 
North Highlands Woman Says Postal Service Lost Cremated Remains Of Father, Grandmother A North Highlands viewer says the Postal Service lost the remains of her dad and grandmother. After months of waiting, she decided to call Kurtis.
Amador County Landlord Waits Weeks For Propane, Company Cites 'Gaps In Communication'More viewers are reaching out to CBS13 about delayed propane deliveries after the major December storms. One woman from the small town of Volcano in Amador County reached out to Kurtis after waiting weeks for the tank on her rental property to be refilled.
Call Kurtis: Temporary Bank Closures Impacting Access To Safe Deposit Boxes   A Sacramento resident almost missed out on his trip to Mexico when he found out he couldn’t access the safe deposit box where he was storing his passport.
Sacramento Family Calls For Redesigned Product After Kitten Suffocates In Flip-Top Kitty Litter BucketA Sacramento family blames the death of their kitten on a bucket of kitty litter. They want to warn others about the dangers of the bucket’s flip-top lid.
'This Can’t Be My Ticket': Modesto Mom Gets Parking Ticket From Los AngelesA Modesto mom’s minivan was slapped with a parking ticket from the Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau — and she swears she wasn’t there. 
'What I Want Is A Refund': Elk Grove Seniors Out Nearly $35K For Cruise They Never TookThree Elk Grove seniors are out nearly $35,000 for a cruise they never took. How they paid is a big reason they're struggling to get their money back.
'No Good Deed Goes Unpunished': Elk Grove Senior Ticketed For Truck Donated Six Years AgoWe’ve reported before on agencies using old DMV records and ticketing the wrong person. One was issued in Salinas, a place Emily Blake-Kessel said she’s never been, six years after she donated the truck involved.
Call Kurtis: Tracy Kid's Basketball Hoop Arrives Broken After Online PurchaseA Tracy 12-year-old was out nearly $500 after buying a basketball hoop that arrived broken.
Business Owner Warns Of SMUD Scam: 'These Guys Were As Cool As The Other Side Of The Pillow'A Sacramento business owner said he almost fell victim to what he called a smooth scam. He runs a golf shop and called the guys who tried to rip him off “villains."
California Burning: Protections for Fire Victims, EvacueesHere are protections and resources for wildfire victims and evacuees.
California Burning: Beware Illegal Contractors Looking To Cash In On Insurance MoneyCrooks often flock to fire zones seeing dollar signs in victims who may soon get insurance checks and have money to rebuild.