'Nothing Left In The Bucket': California Wildfire Resources Run ThinThis year's blazes have taxed the human, mechanical and financial resources of the nation’s wildfire fighting forces to an extraordinary degree.
Natural Resources Secretary Has 'No Regrets' Over Climate Change Exchange With Pres. TrumpOne day after the tense exchange during a wildfire briefing, California's Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot says he's glad it hit a nerve. 
Trump Reignites Climate Debate In Sacramento Visit, Experts Say Wildfire Causes Are ComplexThe debate over who and what is responsible for wildfires in our area can easily become political, but the answer is not a simple one. Experts say there is not just one factor leading to the devastating firestorms.
Military Surplus Stores See Boost In Business Amid Wildfires, PandemicSurvival gear is flying off the shelves of military supply stores amidst California wildfires and a global pandemic.
Cell Industry Fights Rules To Require Backup Power At Cell Towers In Fire ZonesLong before Public Safety Power Shutoffs, Call Kurtis Investigates questioned phone companies on what they’re doing to make sure people in the line of wildfire have means to communicate. 
Easing Fires Not As Simple As Climate Change Vs. Forest WorkDeadly West Coast wildfires are dividing President Donald Trump and the states' Democratic leaders over how to prevent blazes from becoming more frequent and destructive, but scientists and others on the front lines say it's not as simple as blaming either climate change or the way land is managed.
California Fire Crews Are Stretched Thin And Competing For ResourcesHot and windy weather is making current California fires worse and firefighters on the front lines are struggling to get the resources they need.
Think 2020's Disasters Are Wild? Experts See Worse In FutureA record amount of California is burning, spurred by a nearly 20-year mega-drought. To the north, parts of Oregon that don’t usually catch fire are in flames.
Experts Explain Why Air Quality And Smoke Levels Are Different Around Sacramento RegionAs smoke continues to blanket the sky and fill the lungs of plenty of people in Sacramento and the rest of California, there’s a burning question. Why is the smoke so bad in some areas and not in others?
California National Guard Helicopters From Stockton, Mather Rescue 373 Campers Trapped In Fire ZoneHundreds of campers that had been trapped by the flames of the Creek Fire in the Sierra are finally safe.
Deputies Say 911 Lines Inundated As Smoke And Ash-Filled Skies Spark FearDark skies combined with falling ash has caused people to overload 911 lines, panicked the flames might be near.