Coronavirus Case In California State Capitol Cancels Daily Senate SessionA person who works at the California Capitol has tested positive for the coronavirus, prompting the Senate to cancel Wednesday's session during a critical final week when lawmakers must consider hundreds of measures that face a Monday deadline.
Senate Republicans Say Columbus Statue Should Stay In CapitolA potential battle is brewing over the Cristopher Columbus statue inside the state capitol. 
California Lawmakers To Hold Hearing About Coronavirus SpendingCalifornia lawmakers will hold their first oversight hearing to examine how Gov. Gavin Newsom has spent more than $2 billion in taxpayer money in just one month to combat the coronavirus crisis.
High-Profile Housing Bill Fails To Pass California SenateCalifornia lawmakers have failed to pass the most ambitious proposal yet to combat a growing housing crisis in the nation's most populous state, voting down legislation Wednesday that would have overridden local zoning laws to let developers to build small apartment buildings in neighborhoods reserved for single-family homes.
California Bill Treats Suspects 19 And Younger As JuvenilesA California state senator wants people 19 and younger accused of crimes to be tried as juveniles.
Bill Proposes Virginity Testing Ban In CaliforniaA California lawmaker wants to ban so-called "virginity testing."
Assemblywoman Wants To Create State Office To End HomelessnessHomelessness is an issue that plagues many cities across California, and one Assemblymember has a plan to end that problem. 
California Legislature Returns Amid Homeless, Climate CrisisCalifornia lawmakers returned to work on Monday to tackle a daunting list of challenges that include climate concerns and a growing homeless population — problems magnified by election-year politics.
California Lawmaker Proposes Ban On 'Deep Fake' VideosA California lawmaker is proposing to restrict the sharing of manipulated videos depicting politicians amid mounting concerns that increasingly convincing "deep fakes" could give rise to misinformation in the approaching 2020 election.
NCAA Threatens To Ban California Teams In Light Of Fair Pay To Play BillCalifornia legislation to allow student-athletes to make money from their sport faces another hurdle tomorrow, but there could be an even bigger hurdle ahead.
California Has Housing Crisis, Legislature Has No Fix YetCrisis. Emergency. California lawmakers are describing the state's housing crunch in dire terms.