Bill Aims To Make Sending Unsolicited Lewd Images Online A Crime In CaliforniaA California lawmaker wants to make it illegal to send unsolicited lewd pictures to people online. 
California Measure Pushing For More Housing Faces HurdlesFacing a shortage of 3.5 million houses, some California lawmakers want developers to build more apartments and other housing closer to public transportation — even if it means overriding local zoning laws.
California Legislature Returns Amid Homeless, Climate CrisisCalifornia lawmakers returned to work on Monday to tackle a daunting list of challenges that include climate concerns and a growing homeless population — problems magnified by election-year politics.
California Senate OKs Wildfire Proposal With Bipartisan VoteCalifornia lawmakers are rushing to pass bills aimed at stabilizing the state's electric utilities and putting a renewed focus on a safety in the face of devastating wildfires caused by utility equipment.
Independent Contractor Controversy At State CapitolIf passed and signed into law, the bill would require, with some exceptions, businesses that currently use independent contractors to hire them as employees.
California Assembly OKs Campaign Spending On Child CareCandidates running for office in California could use campaign donations to pay for childcare costs under legislation approved by the state Assembly on Tuesday.
Taking Out The Trash Could Begin To Cripple A CommunityThe city of Galt fears it could be the first city to become a ghost town after getting smacked with high fees due to state laws.
California Senate Rejects Proposed Tax On Water BillsThe California Senate has voted to reject a new tax on most residential water bills.
California Eyes Health Care For Immigrants In US IllegallyCalifornia lawmakers are considering proposals that would make the state the first in the nation to offer government-funded health care to adult immigrants living in the country illegally.
Lawmakers Delay Proposal To Make Election Day A Holiday Lawmakers voted Thursday to delay the proposal to make Election Day a statewide holiday.
Bills Aim To Help California Children Thrive With Savings Accounts And Incentives To Serve Healthier FoodA state bill is hoping to give every California-born child a savings account to kick start their future.