Study: Birth Control Increases Woman’s Risk For Breast Cancer By 20 PercentPublished in the New England Journal of Medicine, the study revealed women who use hormonal contraceptives had an increased risk of breast cancer.
Getting Answers: Breast Cancer Study Examines Effectiveness Of MammogramsIt will test whether annual mammograms are really the best way to screen for breast cancer, or if a more personalized approach involving genetics could deliver better results.
Show Information 12/23/15
Pink Plate LaunchTina was joined this morning in the studio by the women behind the Pink Plate initiative who are raising breast cancer awareness.
Dr. Ernie BodaiVery few Doctors on the planet have done what Dr. Ernie has done singularly. He was on our show to promote The Breast Concert Ever! All of the proceeds go to his charity: Cure Breast Cancer Inc.
Breast Cancer Fundraiser, Holiday Craft Fair and Pomsae Tournament - Nov. 8, 2014Pizza Rock in Sacramento lets kids come every Saturday for their "Kids in the Kitchen" event. This allows kids to create their own pizza using healthy toppings that's a fun and interactive activity for any family.
Zumba, Pocket Games, Beer and Pizza! - Oct. 20, 2014
The Pumpkin Geek, Skateboarding Dog and Red Walnuts - Oct. 7, 2014His first claim to fame was being a guest on GOOD DAY! Now THE PUMPKIN GEEK is now celebrated around the World and even commissioned by stars like Taylor Swift...
Thought of the Day - Now in Print!For over 16 years, I have displayed a Thought of the Day behind me on my set hoping to inspire viewers. I've always encouraged readers of the thoughts to come up with a meaning that best fits their lives.
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