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Dog-Themed IPA To Raise Money For Front Street ShelterNew Helvetia Brewery teamed up with Front Street Animal Shelter to launch New Best Friend IPA.
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Police: Woman Angry Over Being Denied Beer Threw Down InfantPolice say a North Carolina woman has been arrested after she threw her 1-year-old child to the ground after being denied a beer.
Runner Sets 'Beer Mile' Record, Disqualified For Not Drinking Enough BeerThe winner of a one-mile race for beer drinkers was disqualified after race officials determined that the runner didn't drink enough during his run.
In-N-Out Burger Sends Brewery Beer Friendly ‘Cease And Desist’ LetterA Bay Area brewery has been sent an order to cease and desist by the In-N-Out restaurant chain for its beer, In-N-Stout, that has a strong brand resemblance to the restaurant.
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Police: Half-naked Driver Crashes Car Into Store To Get BeerPolice in suburban Cleveland say a half-naked man intentionally crashed his car into a closed convenience store to get beer, injuring himself and a store employee.
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