Save The Pool ShootoutCambi is learning more about a charity basketball game being held by a local community in order to save their pool.
Coach promises high school team: Win 14 games, name my kidA high school baseball coach has given his players unusual motivation: If they win two more games, they can name his baby.
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Manly Minute: 5 Great Kings ErasThe Sacramento Kings will open their 30th season in Sacramento tonight, while closing down their home at Sleep Train Arena. Excitement over this years team is high league wide. Here are the 5 most exciting seasons in Kings Sacramento history.
Bobby Jackson Golf ClassicCambi Brown was in Roseville today for the 6th Annual Bobby Jackson Golf Classic.
Best Places For Handmade Accessories In SacramentoFinding a place to enjoy the current sporting event where you can take the family is not an easy feat. Whether it is the Belmont, the Giants or the Kings, when your blood is pumping to see your team win, you do not want to see the game on an 18-inch monitor. Here you will find a list of places that take your enjoyment to heart. Offering a variety of food and atmosphere, you will find a place to watch your latest sporting game with the family on this list.
If It Weren't For My Mom....Kevin Durant unequivocally wins Mother’s Day 2014 with his nearly 26-minute tear-jerking NBA MVP acceptance speech Tuesday night, CBS DC reported.
9am Topic: What Seems To Take Forever?The saying "just a minute" has to be one of the most-abused terms used in the English language. Rarely does it ever mean a minute.
Kings, Cousins Reach Multiyear Contract ExtensionVivek Ranadive has made a fortune in the software industry by betting on the right people.
Best Spring Beauty Tips And Trends From A Sacramento Beauty GuruAwaken to the possibilities of spring with these insider tips for a beautiful you.
Kings: Rumor Of Team Being Sold To Seattle 'Simply Not True'Rumors circulated Wednesday morning saying the Kings' owners sold the team, not to Virginia Beach, but to an investor who would move the team to Seattle.
Best Bars To Watch The Kings In Sacramento