Appeals Court: 'Habitual Drunks' Cannot Avoid DeportationA federal appeals court has upheld a law that bars people who are in the country illegally from avoiding deportation if they are habitual drunks.
Ben Affleck Says He's Finished Alcohol Addiction TreatmentBen Affleck says he has recently completed treatment for alcohol addiction.
Last dry county in Alabama legalizes alcohol salesAlabama's last totally dry county is going wet. Residents in the Clay County cities of Ashland and Lineville voted Tuesday to legalize alcohol sales.
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The Daily List: Coffee MythsYou’ve probably heard that coffee doesn’t sober up a person who’s had too much to drink — that you just get a wide-awake person who’s had too much to drink! But using coffee to sober someone up, is one of those old myths that still persists.
National Rum DayToday is National Rum Day!!
Idaho Theaters Prohibited From Providing Drinks During 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'Idaho authorities are telling movie theaters serving alcohol that they can't provide drinks during showings of the erotic blockbuster "Fifty Shades of Grey."
2 SoCal Teachers Charged With Having Sex With Students, Giving Them Drugs, Alcohol2 SoCal Teachers Accused Of Having Sex With Students, Giving Them Drugs, Alcohol
'Booze Traveler' Host Explores How World DrinksJack Maxwell drinks for a living. From moss schnapps in Iceland to gut-busting raki in Turkey and homebrew in the Himalayas, he's learned the hard way that tippler's truism: "It's always 5 o'clock somewhere."
St. Patrick's Day Drink RecipesHere are the delicious-looking drink recipes featured on Good Day this morning, provided by Barefoot Wine.
Don's On - Solution To Steroids In Baseball
Beer Week