WOODLAND (CBS13) — Yolo County’s race for district attorney is growing more contentious. Campaign signs are vanishing, and there are accusations that some signs are violating election laws.

Both candidates in the race say their signs are being vandalized or gone missing.

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Incumbent Jeff Reisig says a number of his banners have been stolen or defaced. On one, someone spray-painted the f-word and other obscenities on it.

Reisig is being challenged by Cynthia Rodriguez, who says her signs have also been removed.

“I think it’s really sad to see the campaign come down to this bizarre fight over yard signs,” she said.

Video shows a man taking down one of Rodriguez’s signs near Woodland. One of her campaign supporters shot the footage.

“I say, ‘Excuse me, stop that,’ and he tried to say he had permission,” Maria Grijalva said. “And I knew he didn’t have permission because I knew that I was on Caltrans property.”

We tracked down that man who tells a different story.

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“To be in a confrontation like that took me off guard,” said Timothy Blank, a Reisig supporter.

Blank says the sign was on private property and the landowner asked him to remove it.

“We spoke on the phone and he gave me permission to take it down because he was not in the area at the time,” Blank said.

So where are people allowed to post campaign signs? The state prohibits the placement of temporary political signs within the state highway right-of-way. And in Yolo County, political signs are not allowed along county roads.

Signs can be placed on private property only with the landowner’s permission.

Reisig says his opponent’s supporters have not been following the rules and he calls their conduct “patently illegal and harassing.” But Rodriguez says she just wants to focus on the issues that matter most to voters.

“I find it embarrassing that some people have resorted to chopping down signs,” she said. “It’s kind of like a high school election.”

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At least one campaign says they are now putting Apple AirTags on their signs to be able to track them if they get stolen