DAVIS (CBS13) — UC Davis police made an arrest last Friday related to an on-campus burglary that occurred on campus the night before.

According to the university, the burglary occurred at the greenhouse complex on Orchard Park Drive. The suspect apparently filled a university vehicle with property from inside a building, which included high-end research drones.

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Officers worked with Fleet Services to check the vehicle’s GPS and located the vehicle, suspect, and stolen property at University Mall on Russell Boulevard. They recovered the stolen property as well as keys that had previously been stolen.

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The suspect, 43-year-old Gavin Tucker Boulet, has also been linked to two additional burglaries on the UC Davis campus: one at Orchard Park Drive and one at the Cole Facility.

Boulet was booked into Yolo County Jail on charges of burglary and auto theft.

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“We are working diligently with our campus partners to secure the campus to prevent thefts,” police Captain Mark Brunet said. “When they occur, we work relentlessly to follow leads and use technology to apprehend those who conduct criminal activity.”