SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Thieves ransacked a local roller derby but they stole a lot more than some skates. Volunteers now have piles of bags and boxes to sift through. It’s a gut-wrenching task to find out what’s left and what’s been taken.

“You can see, no drawer left unopened and you can see here too we were lucky police came and dusted for fingerprints but it looks like they were wearing gloves,” said Amanda Dunham, Executive Director for the Sacramento Roller Derby.

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She walked CBS13 through their brand-new facility that thieves already rolled through.

“I think it was just really upsetting and disappointing and it’s given me a lot of anxiety over the last few days, like, are we safe here?” said Dunham.

The thieves took thousands of dollars in gear, including custom scoreboards used for their games, and even priceless memorabilia.

“Trophies, games, posters, pictures that were on film that we’ll never get back,” said Dunham.  “Sometimes I think people just come in and they just take and they don’t really think of the impact.”

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The all-volunteer non-profit made up of women and children barely survived the pandemic.

“It’s really violating, you know, and really hard because we’ve been really excited coming up with fundraisers and ways to give back to the community,” said Judith Licciardello.

Even after an uphill battle to get rolling, this group is clearly determined to roll on.

“We’ll get through it and it’s just another obstacle in the huge list of obstacles of trying to give back,” said Licciardello.

“For now, to just have more things happen it’s like, how much bad luck do we have in us? I would love a little good luck,” said Dunham.

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The group is now hoping for donations on Big Day of Giving. If you’d like to help beforehand, they’re taking donations on their website.