SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sierra Oaks K-8 student was stabbed by another student on Thursday in between classes outside of a classroom. Both are 8th graders and the student stabbed is expected to recover.

The student brought a household knife to campus, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, and inflicted puncture wounds to the other student around 9 a.m.

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Staff intervened, according to a San Juan Unified District spokesperson, to remove the knife and “prevent further injury.”

The first notifications from the San Juan Unified School District went out to families 90 minutes after the incident occurred. In an automated message, one parent told CBS13 they were notified they had the option to pick their student up from campus early.

Some Sierra Oaks families opted to do just that and others, waited until school was released at 1:25 p.m.

One father who came to pick up his elementary-aged daughter told CBS13: “[I feel] a little more safer now. I was a little nervous getting the phone call and wasn’t sure what happened,” said Dustin Lovett.

Another parent told CBS13 she was frustrated with the delay in notification and said she didn’t receive notice of the stabbing until 11:30 a.m., more than two hours after the incident.

“Anxiety. Straight-up anxiety. It’s not supposed to be happening,” said the Sierra Oaks Mother, who did not want her name shared publicly.

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CBS13 took these concerns to an SJUSD spokesperson, Trent Allen, and asked about the concerns over a delay in notification.

Allen said protocol requires the school campus to be secured first, law enforcement notified, and a statement of notification to families is then reviewed by law enforcement as not to interfere with the investigation.

“[This is] an opportunity to talk with our students and community, when you see something concerning to you, say something,” said Allen.

Allen said school campuses and educators within San Juan Unified School District are aware that, after two years of distance learning away from campus, being back at school may be challenging for some students. He said, in addition to an anti-bullying campaign, some campuses also allow “free” time for students to play board games as a stress-free way to reacclimate to social settings.

Tammy Abdo, the parent of an 8th-grade student at Sierra Oaks, said her daughter texted her that there had been a stabbing. She said the moments between messages were stressful because she didn’t know what was going on. Finally, when she heard from her daughter she said, she was relieved.

“She called me she was upset because she knew the girl that had gotten stabbed. [She said] she was so sweet, she was crying,” said Abdo.

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Counseling services will be available on the Sierra Oaks K-8 campus through next week.