SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Being a law enforcement officer can be dangerous, but what if you are hurt by something meant to help you?

Zack Spencer showed us his latest creation — body armor for women — made using a combination of carbon fiber and a new kind of palmer or plastic developed here in Sacramento.

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“Current ways armor is made, it’s difficult to alter the shapes and make different forms,” he said. “The new types of material we’re using, it’s easy for us to shape and make different forms for different physical features.”

Spencer came up with the idea after a friend’s wife, who is a police officer, had neck issues associated with wearing her bulletproof vest.

“So we tried to figure out a better way to do it,” he said.

The armor can be tailored to fit any body type and offers the same level of price and protection other armor does that’s currently being used.

“This goes from 9mm to 44 mag to a 30 odd six piercing round,” Spencer said.

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“So when they showed me some examples, I was actually blown away with what they were able to design and test out,” said Shaun Rundle.

Rundle is with the California Peace Officers Association, which represents 21,000 members. He says this comes at a time when female law enforcement officers are turning to them for help.

“It’s causing medical issues, skin lesions, other things like that,” he said.”It also causes different back issues.”

So there is body armor for soldiers, but how is this different? It’s different because it’s designed to accommodate the needs of a police officer.

“So whether you are running and jumping and chasing a suspect, or if you are detaining somebody, it’s not going to cut into your skin. Not going to cut into your abdomen if you bend over,” Rundle said. “They designed something to fit the officers but also serve a key need.”

The need for a better fit will help financially, Rundle says, by lowering costs and lowering liability for departments.

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Rundle is currently working with his board and wants to present samples of this female bulletproof vest at training throughout the state. They make tactical vests and helmets.