GALT (CBS13) — A 16-year-old girl is on life support after a hit-and-run in Galt on Monday night and police have asked the public’s help for information about the driver.

A family spokesperson confirmed to CBS13 the teen is Angel Renteria, a sophomore at Estrellita High School. She is currently on life support and has multiple broken bones, head trauma, brain bleeding, among other injuries from being hit.

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It happened Monday night on Ayers Lane, east of Trellis Lane, while Renteria was out walking her dog, a Pitbull named “Bubba.” It’s something she did every night, according to a close family friend. Renteria was nearly done with the walk, just a few yards from being home when she was hit.

She’s described by her loved ones as friendly, vibrant, strong-willed, and now, after the accident, a fighter. Her mother is by her side while she is hospitalized and the community has rallied, too, according to a close family friend.

Neighbors on Ayers Lane say the street has become dangerous since a new housing development went up and the street was connected to through traffic.

“It wasn’t this bad, once they started building these houses, opening the road over there just like different cars come through here,” said Cynthia Ramirez, a neighbor who has lived on Ayers Lane for six years. 

A few houses down, another neighbor said she is considering moving because of the concern for safety outside her front door.

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“I walk my dog every single day and my dog does not like the noise, doesn’t like the cars that are coming by. It’s hard to enjoy your own neighborhood,” said Deanna Weyers. 

Nationwide, there’s been an uptick in reckless driving according to the Governors Highway Safety Association with a projection that pedestrian fatality rates spiked about 21% in 2020.

Some experts cite the pandemic for rising anxiety levels and pandemic drinking.

“For these individuals who may be impulsive in the moment, it’s really important to try to work on managing impulsiveness,” said Dr. Judy Ho, a clinical and forensic psychologist.

Renteria’s close family friend set up a fundraiser to pay for medical bills as well as support her mother, he said, who will likely have to take time off of work to take care of Renteria as she recovers.

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The Galt Police Department has asked anyone with information related to this incident to please contact Detective Mark Fewel at (209) 366-7005. Anyone will additional information will remain anonymous.