SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) says Pacific Gas and Electric is proposing a 22 percent rate hike from 2023 to 2026.

That’s devastating news for some Californians who say living in the Golden State may no longer be possible.

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“When’s it going to stop?” said Sacramento resident Le Anthony King.

Increased prices in the grocery store and at the pump are just two reasons residents in Sacramento say California is too expensive.

“Things just keep getting higher and higher,” King said. “Everyone [is] just one paycheck away from being under the bridge somewhere.”

And it doesn’t stop there. Gas and electric bills may soon increase, too.

“I wonder when some relief is going to come,” King said.

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The CPUC held a meeting Thursday night allowing neighbors to voice their concerns about PG&E’s proposed rate hikes.

“The point here is simple and clear: every bill matters,” said Susanne Casazza, the chief of staff for CPUC Commissioner John Reynolds.

According to the commission, PG&E has proposed a 22 percent rate hike from 2023-2026, in addition to a 22 percent rate hike already planned for 202. That means your PG&E bill could potentially increase 44% over the next four years.

“When is someone going to pay attention to what working-class Americans are going through?” King said.

Casazza said the commission is paying attention.

“We need to strike a balance ensuring utilities making investments necessary to support safety and reliability while getting out costs under control,” she said.

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CBS13 reached out to PG&E asking the company to break down the rate hikes further. They did not respond specifically to our questions but say they’re prioritizing affordability and predict the long-term plan will decrease electric bills and increase gas bills.