COLFAX (CBS13) – The River Fire burned more than 100 structures and thousands of acres of land. Residents of Colfax were hit hardest and have been waiting for months to find out who was responsible for their loss.

Cal Fire announced this week that the River Fire was human-caused but criminality is not a factor.

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As the River Fire inched closer to the Ericksons’ Colfax home, Jaimie tried to save what she could.

“We had no more time, the fire was coming at us and the firefighters were telling us to get out,” Jaimie Erickson said.

She was forced to leave home behind not realizing it would be for the final time.

“We were devastated,” she said.

Six months later, Cal Fire has released the cause of the August blaze that burned nearly 150 homes.

“I feel like it’s a slap in the face,” Erickson said. “Do better.”

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Cal Fire says the River Fire started near the Bear River campground and was caused by humans but criminal activity is not a factor. It was devastating news for families hoping for justice.

“Accountability,” Erickson said. “Even a $50 fine, jail time, I don’t know. We lost everything.”

“I know that does not sit with people well who have lost property,” said Cal Fire Chief Brian Estes.

“There wasn’t supposed to be any fires,” Erickson said. “I want answers.”

Cal Fire said that even on red flag warning days, setting a fire for cooking, warming, or ceremonial purposes is never illegal.

“it’s not meant for us to lessen the impact of this incident but our investigators job is to look at this very objectively,” Estes said.

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Cal Fire said, despite the fact that they know the cause of this fire, the people responsible have not yet been identified, so currently they are not recommending charges.