AUBURN (CBS13) — Wedding Bells were ringing in Placer County as Valentine’s Day brought couples into the county clerk’s office looking to make their love official.

Among those who showed up were high school sweethearts Janet and Craig Radder, who were initially married in 1974.

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“We’ve got four [adult children] and 15 grandchildren,” Janet said.

But after 18 years of marriage, the Radders divorced, until this Valentine’s Day when they gave their love a second chance.

“We decided we’re not getting any younger,” Craig said.

“We’re compatible. We’ve known each other 50 years,” Janet said. “How much better can you get to know somebody?”

She chose to get married at the Placer County Clerk’s Office, while Craig had a say on another matter.

“He picked Valentine’s Day,” Janet said.

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“It’s also easy to remember later on, when [Valentine’s Day] rolls around, I know it’s my anniversary,” Craig said.

The Raiders weren’t the only ones tying the knot, though. The clerk’s office said they marry 10 people a day. Senior Clerk Cherie Wheeler says, when the pandemic hit, wedding demand only grew.

In 2020, the county married 640 people, and in 2021, that number grew to 749.

“When the pandemic hit, we were still open. People were trying to get married more through our office because a lot of the venues were shutdown,” Wheeler said.

She explained that couples she’s married were forced to have smaller ceremonies they could afford.

“It’s definitely a way for them to keep their budget small, but it’s a beautiful ceremony,” Wheeler said.

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“I love her, so that was it,” Craig said.