SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Domestic intelligence warns a massive protest could arise and disrupt the supply chain.

The Department of Homeland Security told CBS News truckers might stage demonstrations ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, but calls the plan “aspirational.”

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“Once they intervene and other people’s freedoms and liberties, it becomes a more complicated landscape. But we’re working with law enforcement to address any eventualities,” said Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas from the Dept. of Homeland Security to CBS News.

Social media posts suggest marches and convoys will take place in the coming days.

The route of the convoy is unconfirmed, but the Sacramento Police Department told CBS13 that there is no specific information regarding any demonstration in the city, but it remains ready to monitor any demonstrations that may occur.

The move would follow scenes out of Canada where a state of emergency is declared in Ottawa.

Social media posts show a truck convoy could start in California and end in the nation’s capital.

CBS13 is examining what a potential protest could mean for an already fragile supply chain.

“We’re barely getting back on track,” said Sanjay Varshney, a finance professor at California State University Sacramento

The economist believes inflation prices could worsen.

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“The inflation that we’ve seen right now is primarily because of the shortages and the shortages are primarily because the world’s transportation system and the logistics and the supply chain have been disrupted,” Varshney said.

It cold be very damaging, he said.

It could be, but truckers at the Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza say they’re tired of COVID-19 restrictions, though it does not mean they will join the convoy. 

“They don’t have to force COVID on us,” said Emeka Akputa. “I don’t believe in COVID.”

“Everybody has the right to do what they want,” said Antonio Magallon, another truck driver. 

But some say the sure way to crush the virus is to get vaccinated.

“Yes, it should be mandated,” Sadpem Singh said.

The Supreme Court already blocked the president’s vaccine mandate.

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Meanwhile, the state is scheduled to lift its masking mandate on February 15.