ELK GRIVE (CBS13) — An Elk Grove horse rescue was robbed over the weekend. Thieves took off and then crashed a truck that is used to haul and feed the animals.

“First, it was disbelief. It was like ‘This can’t be,’ and then it was ‘Oh my God,’ then I got angry,” said Vicki Greene, found of Save Them All Horse Rescue.

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From anger to seeking solutions, Greene is on a mission to maintain the home she built for neglected and abused horses.

“I just wish they understood what they took from us,” Greene said.

She founded the rescue 11 years ago. On Sunday, a volunteer discovered the Chevy used to move animals to new homes, the vet, haul equipment, hay and food had been stolen. It was the rescue’s only truck.

A day later, Greene got a call from the California Highway Patrol.

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“The highway patrol found it at 5 o’clock in the morning crashed in Sacramento, abandoned,” she said.

The totaled truck was 20 minutes up the road near Watt Avenue. The person responsible was long gone.

“We’re putting up signs, which we already had some, but we’ll put up more,” Greene said. “We’re going to get security cameras, to protect what we have.”

The nonprofit is now relying on the kindness of others to keep this rescue running.

“We’ll be asking friends that have vehicles to help us do things. Feeding, we’ll be doing that with a wagon now instead of truck, which takes a lot longer but all our horses will get fed,” Greene said.

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Greene said she only had liability insurance on the truck. Before the crash, the truck was valued at $5,000.