CERES (CBS13) – A shelter-in-place order in Stanislaus County was lifted after a fertilizer fire in Ceres. The fire broke out at the Stanislaus Farm Supply warehouse Monday.

The warehouse is filled with sulphur and prompted emergency crews to ask residents and businesses in a one-mile radius to stay inside for around eight hours.

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Victor Cruz lives across the street from the warehouse. He received a voicemail and text message warning him to keep his family inside.

“I noticed the voicemail and I was like, ‘oh, this is serious,'” explained Cruz.

The order to stay inside was due to the chemicals that could cause irritation and respiratory issues.

“As soon as I got that, I let my fiancé know and my mom know that the kids are staying inside,” he said. “Better to be safe, closed everything up, it was an inside type of day.”

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Smoldering smoke could be seen throughout the night.

“There is a lot of unknowns initially. We treat it like any other chemical release,” explained Modesto Fire Deputy Chief Darin Jesberg.

CBS13 asked what the difference is between a structure and chemical fire. Jesberg explained that chemical fires typically take longer to put out.

“Typically, we arrive on scene to a structure fire, things happen much more quickly. Crews had to slow down, sometimes stop and recalculate what they were going to do,” he explained. “With any chemical release, we initially have to verify what it is, how much it is, where it is located, where it can go next.”

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Crews were able to contain the fire to a section of the warehouse and let it smolder. The cause of the fire is under investigation.