SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An accidental shooting by an off-duty Oakdale police officer inside a Sacramento hospital room is prompting questions about safety concerns. That officer shot himself while he was visiting a relative who is a patient.

The officer underwent surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

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The off-duty Oakdale police officer was inside a hospital room at Sutter General Hospital with his family member and was about to go for a walk when he began handling his weapon and it went off— the gunshot striking his own body, according to the Oakdale Police Chief Jerry Ramar

A Sacramento Police Department investigation determined the shooting was an accident.

A spokesperson would not say whether it was a weapons malfunction or the officer accidentally pulled the trigger.

Neither the Oakdale Police chief nor Sacramento police would identify the off-duty officer.

CBS13 has learned of a GoFunMe account for Oakdale Lieutenant Andy Stever’s family reading his son is being treated in a Sacramento hospital. The Oakdale community is supporting the family through their difficult time through several fundraisers.

The Oakdale Police Department announced Stever’s promotion to lieutenant last year, celebrating his rise as an Oakdale native.

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Oakdale’s own police policy manual reads: “The carrying of firearms by members while off duty is permitted’ and that ‘the firearm shall be carried concealed at all times and in such a manner as to prevent accidental, unintentional cocking, discharge, or loss of physical control.’

Adrian Pruneda was visiting his brother who is a patient at a Sutter General Hospital.

“In a hospital, I don’t think there should have been a gun,” Pruneda said.

Sutter Health issued a statement in response to the shooting reading:

“Sutter policy states that our locations are weapons-free campuses, though law-enforcement officers may have weapons in their possession. We are currently reviewing our policies to ensure we continue to keep everyone at our facilities safe.”

“I think if you have a service pistol and you know you have it on you, there should be an awareness of where you have it,” Pruneda said.

Concerns are now growing over gun safety inside a Sacramento hospital after an officer went from hospital visitor to patient in an accidental instant.

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The Oakdale police chief told CBS13 the officer was released from the hospital and is in good spirits, but he likely feels a little embarrassed. The department is reviewing whether he will face any discipline.