SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says a record number of people tried to bring guns through airport security checkpoints last year, even as travel was below pre-pandemic levels.

A record 6,000 guns were found at checkpoints and the majority of the guns were loaded.

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How many guns were caught at our local airports, including Sacramento International? The TSA says 47 were found — more than double the 2020 number. There were 31 found in 2019.

Stockton Airport had one in 2021 and none the previous two years.

“Yeah, I think our weapons carriage detections reflect just more people carrying weapons in the country,” said a TSA official.

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In November, a TSA officer found a gun at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The suspect reached into his bag, accidentally fired the gun, and caused chaos.

“That illustrates why loaded weapons are so dangerous because it’s very easy to discharge a weapon,” the official said.

You can take a gun onto a plane but only as checked luggage. Don’t bring it through a checkpoint.

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People will get caught bringing a gun in their carry-on face a fine of up to $14,000 and can also face local charges as well.