STOCKTON (CBS13) — The Stockton Police Department released video Wednesday of a fatal officer-involved shooting that happened last month in front of the department’s headquarters.

The shooting happened on December 8 around 8:30 p.m. in the parking lot in front of the Stockton Police Department Operations Building at 22 E. Market Street. Stockton police said they responded to reports of the suspect firing off shots in the parking lot.

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Police say they got two calls about a man in the police department’s parking lot reportedly firing a gun. A total of six officers then went out through the front lobby doors to investigate.

Officers say the suspect started walking towards them and screaming. He was armed with a handgun, police say.

The video, which can be seen in full below, released on Facebook by the police department features surveillance footage, body cam footage and dispatch audio.

The surveillance footage from the building shows a shirtless man with his hand in the air firing what appears to be a gun in front of the lobby doors.

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Bodycam footage captured officers demanding the suspect “get on the ground” and “let go of your gun.” at the end of the first body cam clip, the suspect is seen standing up and charging in the direction of the officers.

A different officer’s body cam captured the same moments from a different angle. Shortly after the suspect began charging toward them, the officers began firing off several shots, striking the suspect multiple times before he falls to the ground.

Police say the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. He was later identified by a San Joaquin County coroner as Angelo Weitz, 40, of Stockton.

No officers were hurt in the incident.

“Unfortunately, we’re seeing more cases like this, not just in our area — whether it be ambushes or assaults on police officers or their building or operations buildings. We’ve been seeing an increase of this really nationally and it’s extremely concerning,” Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said in December.

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The suspect’s gun was also recovered at the scene with one bullet left inside.