SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — There is a new call for action by business owners along Del Paso Boulevard trying to get dangerous and blighted buildings cleaned up.

They want more code enforcement by city inspectors.

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One business owner says the problem is so bad, he’s closing.

That Guy Eyewear owner Dennis Peterson showed us collapsed ceiling tiles exposing the store’s crawl space above, and stains from a perpetually leaky roof that have led to his difficult decision to close.

“This is a jumble of emotions,” Peterson said.

The final decision came after the most recent ceiling collapse.

“That created a situation that my optometrist decided he didn’t want to put his license in jeopardy by practicing in a potentially dangerous building,” Peterson said.

Peterson has rented space here for six years. He had survived a lot, including a car speeding in reverse through his storefront.

Now he’s done on Del Paso Boulevard. His loss serves as a symbol for a problem on this corridor.

“To me, it’s a symbol of the properties not being kept up by the property owners,” Peterson said.

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Daniel Savala is the executive director of the Del Paso Boulevard Partnership.

“Oh it sucks, I mean it sucks big time,” Savala said. “You know, Dennis represents everything that we want and ask for and fight for here on Del Paso Boulevard.”

Savala is putting pressure on a group of property owners — including Peterson — who have buildings in disrepair. He’s asked city hall to increase response to dangerous building cases filed here.

“Nine is my magic number,” Savala said. “I’ve got nine property owners that are historically just blighted properties.”

Sacramento code enforcement reports they are working on the cases Savala has filed.

Any enforcement will come after That Guy Eyewear is gone from Del Paso Boulevard, leaving yet another storefront on this struggling corridor empty.

“And I’m sad for the boulevard,” Peterson said.

Peterson says he has no idea where he will turn to next to reopen his business.

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He would like it to be somewhere in the Sacramento city limits.