SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Researchers have found that hugging can reduce stress levels and boost confidence. However, could the perfect hug be even more beneficial? Now researchers believe that they’ve cracked the code on what constitutes the perfect hug.

Psychologists at Goldsmiths University in London found that time played an important factor. They found that the “10-second snuggle” was the perfect length, saying that 10 seconds is the right amount of time to release plenty of endorphins and improve stress levels and confidence.

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“Which was surprising to us,” said one of the researchers at Goldsmiths. “We thought 10 seconds is so long, surely at some point, people might find this less pleasant.”

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In a second experiment, researchers watched over 200 people hugging and found that “crisscrossed hugs” were more enjoyable than “the neck-waist hug.”

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Hopefully, none of us need researchers to tell us to hug each other this holiday season, but if you do, here’s your prescription.