SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Possible squatters, multiple break-ins and concerns over safety – all of these are issues neighbors in Tahoe Park say started when Opendoor bought a house on their block.

The issues started over the summer, according to multiple neighbors who spoke to CBS13 with their concerns. The 58th Street house, listed as “off market” on Opendoor’s website as of this week, was bought by the tech company for $535,000.

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A neighbor that lives within walking distance of this home said he called the police twice Saturday to go to the home.

You see the signs on the house, and it’s boarded up, but Jerry Tamburino says it hasn’t been enough to stop squatters and other unwanted visitors.

“He walked out, broke out the fence in the front, walked out of the broken fence, and just took off. He wasn’t from Opendoor,” Jerry said of a person he spotted at the home.

His dream home in a dream neighborhood has now become a nightmare.

“It’s almost daily. I have to, in the middle of the night if I hear something, I have to go see,” he said. “I call 9-1-1 if I see somebody.”

Jerry feels like he’s exhausted all options. He contacted Opendoor, the Better Business Bureau, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, his city council representative, and even the Department of Real Estate.

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He didn’t get a response back from Opendoor after October 11. He shared the correspondence with CBS13. In it, he is told a local “Streeteam” member will review the issue, but Jerry hasn’t seen it happen yet.

CBS13 contacted Opendoor who told us, they do have a security team that patrols the area regularly including the day we spoke to Jerry.   Opendoor says it’s taken more measures to try and stop the squatters.  It has boarded up the home to prevent break-ins, installed motion sensor devices around the property on all door and windows and is working with police.  Opendoor says their records show the last time an incident was reported at the property was on October 4th.

Another neighbor, Susan Edelmayer, said she’s yelled at trespassers trying to break down the front door of the home.

“It’s not just one or two people, it’s kind of a situation where they come in and drugs used, and different things,” she said.

Opendoor says this particular home is off the market, but once repairs are made it will be up for sale.  Any potential buyers who want to see the property will be accompanied by a licensed agent.

Earlier this week, we reported on a similar situation involving another Tahoe Park home that has been sitting vacant for months.

The company says they have a coordinated incident response team taking steps to prevent unauthorized access or use of homes.

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: This is an update to the original story, which was published on November 13.]