RIO LINDA (CBS13) – As the storm moves out, the damage assessment is now underway in Rio Linda.

Rick Ellsworth says his cows stuck who were outside, were pounded with rain all night. He woke up to his property covered in water.

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“We got a lot of rain in 24 hours,” he said.

It’s something Rick and his neighborhood have dealt with before. He says the first storm of the season normally drenches this neighborhood.

But this time, the rain flooded the grounds where his animals roam. He says with cars trying to maneuver the high water, the wake is now tearing up his fence line.

“When it floods, it floods down here because we are the lowest part,” he said.

He says his 13 goats and a few horses haven’t seen water this high in years. The aftermath of the storm is now creating problems for the neighborhood.

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“Trees down, cars in the ditch,” said Ellsworth.

One tree ended up bent in half over a fence.

Nearby, Cherry Lane is flooded as far as the eye can see.

There’s now a mess left behind on Rio Linda Boulevard — an area that was once bone dry less than 72 hours ago. Early Monday afternoon, the flooded roads made it hard for cars to pass through.

“But this is the first area I’ve seen like this in 10 years or better,” said Tom Phillips.

Pillips grew up in Rio Linda. He says seeing so much rain so quickly was surprising.

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“All in all it’s California. We can survive this,” he said.