SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — New safety measures are being planned in Old Sacramento.

Following a string of gun violence incidents, including a deadly double shooting, the city is rolling out a $5 million plan aimed at regaining a sense of public safety.

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The move comes as many business owners are changing their store hours to avoid crime.

Robert Ulucan owns Copper Forged in Old Sacramento. He closes his store an hour early every day to avoid becoming a victim of violence.

“Crime, specifically,” Ulucan said. “You got to adapt to the environment and what’s going on.”

Naureen Khan’s family owns Old City Kites next door. They also avoid crime by opening late and closing early.

“It’s kind of unfortunate,” Khan said. “We’re better off being closed than being here during what most people consider normal business hours.”

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Cell phone video captured a deadly gunfight in Old Sacramento in July, prompting a promise from city leaders for more safety measures here.

Now, the city council will vote on approving $5 million in security upgrades in this entertainment zone, including more than $4 million alone on extra lighting.

Money for surveillance cameras and private security is also part of the safety plan.

The security budget is a fraction of the $47 million Mayor Darryl Steinberg earmarked for Old Sacramento upgrades in 2019. Hotel tax money was supposed pay for floating terraces, event decks, and festival lawns. The pandemic left that pot empty.

Now, violence is forcing city hall to shine its light on Old Sacramento again, promising brighter bulbs and hoping for safer streets.

There are more than 100 businesses in Old Sacramento, and the majority of them are locally owned.

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The city council votes Tuesday night.