SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Birthdays are meant to be enjoyed, but they don’t always go the way we plan.

“I said invite everybody and we will go to the park and have food and they can all come hang out,” explained mom Jennie Edge.

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Jennie Edge planned a birthday bash Saturday and invited her 14-year-old son Stephan’s new classmates. Her son also invited some friends on his own. There was plenty of food and presents but one thing missing the people. The party started at 1 p.m., and after an hour and a half, no one showed up.

“It was an epic mom heartbreak,” she explained.

The family moved from a small town to Sacramento right before the pandemic, which made it hard to find friends.

“When we moved here, I promised them friends in large places and they didn’t have that yet,” said Jennie.

So Mom took to social media to post a message on Nextdoor reading, in part:

“Birthday party bust! My son is having a party at Orchard Park for his 14th birthday. He invited friends from school but no one has been able to make it so far.”

Jennie’s post got an overwhelming response. Nearly 200 comments of support came flooding in wishing Stephen a happy birthday and providing words of wisdom. Around ten of those people actually stopped by the party with gifts and even a balloon company made an arrangement in his honor.

One commenter said, “We are on our way with some gifts. Please, don’t leave.” Another commenter said, “I would love to send a card with a little something inside.”

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“It surprised me,” explained Stephen. “It meant a lot. Very moving.”

“It seems unreal,” Jennie explained. “This is a show of humanity at its finest, at its finest, people relating to other normal people that just by circumstances that things didn’t fall into place, they know how its feels, they have been there before.”

The random acts of kindness left the birthday boy blushing.

“Heartwarming, I guess. Really nice, the fact that people showed up that I don’t even know, that my mom doesn’t even know, shows up to a random kids birthday party is really nice,” Stephen explained.

Two of his friends joined the party later.

A birthday bust was now jumpstarting new friendships and bringing an unforgettable gift.

“You can think all you want that the world is so dark right now, but when the community reaches out like that, you’re not alone,” explained Jennie.

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The family plans to pay it forward by hosting another event at the park. They plan to bring food and hopefully connect with neighbors again.