ISLETON (CBS13) — After the Brannan Island Fire, firefighters continue to extinguish small “smokers” and are investigating whether the area is safe for residents of the area to return to their homes, said the River Delta Fire District.

This past week, dozens of homes in an RV park in Brannan Island were destroyed after a vegetation fire fueled by high winds burned out of control on Monday.

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Although residents pulled together to get community members out safely, the aftermath of the fire has been devastating.

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Firefighters are continuing to patrol the area 24/7 to make sure that the fire has been completely extinguished. Unfortunately, there are still small areas that continue to smoke.

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Concerning the situation, the River Delta Fire District said, “The majority of the ‘smokers’ are located within the interior of the fire area and will likely continue to pop up due [to] the peat soil conditions. We are also continuing our efforts in working with neighbors to locate their pets and provide food and water for them. We are grateful for all of the donations, love, and support from our community as we continue to work through this together.”